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We Can Help with  Existing Daycares Too!

Whether you have an existing Daycare or are looking to secure financing for your new start up, our team helps determine your current financial status. We can evaluate your current status within the marketplace and help map your course of action comparatively. Are your current business finances in disarray? Let our team open up your books and implement safeguards to protect yourself and your brand. Or perhaps you're looking to buy or sell your daycare? We can assist you in the process!


Let us clarify the Who, What, Where, When, Why of your day-to-day business. We work with your current staff and implement effective strategies to help keep your business routine on schedule.

 Let our consultants guide and train you on effective measures to ensure steady enrollment within your daycare. Whether you are new to the Montreal daycare industry or a seasoned veteran, we all need a little help sometimes. Together, we can implement guidelines, processes, as well as a support team to help keep your staff motivated, focused and current to Ministry rules and regulations, as well as the very latest in early childcare management and interaction.

                         is a team of passionate, young entrepreneurs looking to inspire the creation of the most beautiful, successful and inviting daycares.







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As dynamic, skilled consultants, we will take care of every start up need: from finding the right location, to giving you the keys ready to operate. We transform ordinary spaces into stylish, functional preschools and daycares within the greater Montreal and Laval areas. Working with an established network of qualified contractors, designers, suppliers, lawyers and accountants, our team will re-envision a space, negotiate a great lease, develop a custom business plan, and create a functional and educational learning program with a unique formula to prepare children for their future.


We pay meticulous attention to detail because we love what we do and you will too. Our collaboration is intense, our promises are kept, and our reputation is impeccable.  We look forward to working and meeting with you!


Check out a quick summary of our five-step process in starting your own daycare!

Step One: Choose a location

If you're looking for the ideal leasing space for a daycare, let us represent your interests and negotiate your leasing terms! The StartADaycare team will help you in determining the best potential space based on permit size, varying factors like competition and socioeconomic analysis, as well as the requirements set forth by the Ministere de la Famille.


The StartADaycare team will oversee the initial phases of demolition and start-up construction of your daycare, and an assigned broker and consultant will help you contact the city for appropriate zoning approvals and submit the applications for necessary permits and certificates.


Or perhaps, you'd like to buy your very own commercial daycare building in Montreal? Our Real Estate division can help schedule your visits and negotiate on your behalf. Making such an important investment should be left to industry professionals on the StartADaycare team.

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Our side-by-side guidance includes visiting a variety of locations around the city, meeting with architects, contractors, HVAC engineers, and specialists to maximize the use of the space, and the implementation of an architectural plan.

Step Two: The Application Process

After working with you to submit the necessary applications to Quebec's Ministère de la Famille, the StartADaycare team will maintain direct contact with an assigned agent to prepare for the initial inspection of your chosen location.

Some of the permit applications forms include:


  • Playground Certificates
  • Actionnaires & Directors Form
  • Admission / Cancellation Procedure
  • Education Program & Internal Management
  • Medical Procedure Form
  • Curriculum & Daily Schedule
  • Registration Form
  • Administration Forms

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Step Three: Construction

In Phase 3, the StartADaycare team will work closely with an MFA-recognized architect as well as our own contractors to overlook every detail step-by-step until your daycare is completed. Together with you, the StartADaycare team will assist in collaborating with the necessary specialists to ensure the success of your venture.

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Benefit from the wealth of industry-grade knowledge provided by our Design team, who will integrate unique and functional concepts to help distinguish the project from competitors.

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From a custom logo,

business card to full stationary and brand material, our graphic designer will work with you to make sure your daycare stands out. We'll streamline your business for the 21st century web age: web hosting and design, online management, and web diffusion.

Step Four:

Branding & Advertising

Based on strict guidelines and building code practices in Montreal, daycare design requires a trained industry professional to plan and conceptualize your project.


In Phase 4, the StartADaycare team will work closely with you to develop a marketing plan that includes a digital strategy, stationary design, as well as a pre-opening advertising campaign for your daycare. Let us help you connect!


Together, we'll create a coordinated series of of advertisement broadcasts through several media channels. This includes organizing an open house event, tours of the facility to highlight the safety and enriched opportunity for new parents and children, as well as a registration process fully handled by us.

As a division of StartADaycare, P.A.W. functions to safely transport children to daycares, schools, tutoring and after school programs.

For more information on everything that Parents At Work can do for you, check out our website below!

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Check out some of our most recent accomplishments below.

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  Startadaycare.ca is a team of passionate, young entrepreneurs looking to inspire the creation of the most beautiful, successful and inviting daycares.


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